January 18, 2017 - Inconnu, inconnu - 17/01/2017 - Keeping fit is about to take off with a new exercise machine that lets the user FLY through a virtual reality world.The German-designed Icaros provides all the sensations of traveling at speed through the air like a super hero.The user simply straps on a set of virtual reality goggles and run an accompanying VR workout on a smartphone which.Iyt is a full-body system with a gyroscopic design.It needs the users core strength to control the movements of the machine and in the game itself.The player lies in a plank-like position the entire time while flying through an array of virtual settings.The Icaros is able to manouver as if in flight as the user performs exercises which in clued aiming to pass through rings in the virtual reality world, set over a picturesque mountain range.The makers say it helps burn calories, boost reflexes, stimulate muscles and strengthen the body core.There are three different levels of power.Players can choose games depending on their physical abilities, and work up to more difficult settings to increase the exercise benefits.The Icaros costs 7,900 Euros excluding tax and shipping.The system comes with the Icaros device, controller VR headset flight smartphone app with the Icaros game.While they typically ship it with Samsungs Gear VR headset, it can also work with the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.The company says: This is a combined exercise machine and virtual reality flight simulator that turns you into Superman. # ICAROS, UN NOUVEAU GENRE DE SIMULATEUR DE VOL (Credit Image: Global Look Press via ZUMA Press)

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